Cruising Desert Corridors

A trip to Borrego Springs delivers all you could ask for in a desert getaway. This Spring, thanks to record rainfalls, the Southern California desert explodes with orange-tipped ocotillo. creosote, yellow, lavender and orange wildflowers, and creatures native to its unique arid climate. From desert Bighorn Sheep to diamond head snakes, coyotes to jack rabbits scuttling to avoid the competition for survival, the sands support these lives. 

Enroute to our San Diego County destination, we motored through Joshua Tree State Park, where families of mystical appearing Joshua trees greet tourists with their spine covered branches, looking more like arms, pointing skyward. Once past the park, the vast Salton Sea dominates the landscape, reflecting the clear azure skies above. There are generous groves of palm trees wedged so close together that one wonders how their fruit is easily plucked. That you can score a date milkshake from a roadside restaurant illustrates that access to this delectable fruit is a reality. And now for that poem:

Some Come in a Blaze

For Grover Washington, Jr.

March 28, 2016

Alicia Schooler-Hugg


You bring molten sound,

Sax exhaling magic

Spinning sanguine ribbons of mellow

A musical landslide of rubies and roses


You bring green sound,

Germinating growth like the flame tipped ocotillo,

Or the supplicant Joshua tree

Rising from soft desert sands

A musical landslide of emeralds


You bring magic

Sparkling like the universe of stars

Canvassing the blackness of night

Over desert creatures great and small

A musical landslide of diamonds

A mystical thrust of sound.