Granny Straddles the WorldWide Web

St. Peter's Basilica in Rome

Definition of septo-maniac: A person who has reached the September of their years and whose mantra is now or never.

Granny's coming out party was heralded this week through the release of her romantic memoir, Granny Does Europe: A Love Story. The long awaited story pulls the reader through major European destinations, including Paris, Venice, Rome and Barcelona and offers a birds-eye view of blossoming love between senior citizens. Here is the "trailer":

A stolen kiss in a Paris doorway;a spat on a train bound for Rome; surviving the Sistine Chapel. Two seniors from diverse cultural backgrounds defy the odds & discover that love has no boundaries ... Stifled for years by a fear of flying, the author pulls the reader along on her first European tour with a match made in cyberspace. At journey's end travelers will agree that there is no end to beauty here, no end to faith, no cap to joy. As long as we live, breathe and have our being, we are becoming. In touch with our spirits we learn, we grow, we soar. In touch with our hearts, we love.

The book is available on and Kindle.