On the Road: The Kindness of Strangers

Return of the Long EZ

The Mojave Airport sits in an arid climate where cactus, grease bush, an occasional Joshua tree, and rattlesnakes thrive. Through the FAA aircraft registery on the internet, Cecil had tracked down his beloved Long EZ, and hoped he'd find it. Physical challenges forced him to sell the Long EZ 15 years ago. Owing to responsibilities of job and family, the building project took more than a decade to complete. But his heart was set on completion, which he did following Bert Rutan's, (the Father of Civilian Space Travel) plans. The plans were purchased, incidentally, at this same Mohave Airport. Miraculously, Cecil found Ben, the owner for the past ten years, who was ecstatic to see his plane's creator. What transpired then and there was a joy to behold. We were treated to a tour of his nearby hangar and a close-up and personal look at Cecil's Long EZ. 

The Rancho

Honoring nature's significantly urgent call, we pulled into the Rancho Norteno, located near the turn-off to Bahia de los angles in Baja, California, hoping that Cecil could use their restroom. This was not a public restroom, so his fingers were crossed as he alighted the car and walked the short pathway to the front door. Proud of my “holding power,” I remained in the car hoping for a positive outcome.  Several dogs of questionable breeds sniffed Cecil who responded to their curiosity with calming words and light petting. Chickens also darted to and fro, seemingly excited by our intrusion An accommodating middle-aged couple directed my husband to their facilities just a short distance from their house. Solar-powered panels on their roof and the absence of power lines indicated a level of sophistication rarely seen in this Central Bajan location. As we exited by way of the dirt driveway, a small truck hauling three steers and churning up brown dust entered from the highway. We recognized the vehicle as one we’d seen earlier parked alongside the cactus-filled grounds adjoining the rancho. Two young men inside the truck pulled over allowing Cecil to pass unobstructed onto the highway.