A Tribute to Charles Mingus

The Art and Soul of Jazz: A Tribute to Charles Mingus

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So what pops out for Mingus jazz fans in this the fourth edition of Art and Soul of Jazz, A Tribute to Charles Mingus, Jr.? The clue is in the word unveiled…

Want scandal? How about a seat inside the Mingus household, circa 1930? Better still, how about a bird’s eye view of the Mingus family patriarch, my grandfather, Charles Mingus, Sr.? This edition features a surprise ending to Grandpa Mingus’s futile quest for his lost first family. And a new biographical portrait of Mingus himself? You won’t believe your mind, as it struggles to absorb startling never before published facts about the iconic bassist.

Readers are treated to never before published Mingus family history, photographs and letters provided by Mingus’s oldest sister, my late mother, Vivian Alicia Mingus. Not only is the book rich with Mingus family history, but it includes original portraits and profiles of 94 additional jazz notables. The portraits were created by my sister, Carol Bowie, an award-winning Northern California artist.

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