What’s on your Bucket List?

Our French Laundry Adventure On Sunday June 13, my husband Cecil and I found ourselves on a narrow street in the Yountville California home of The French Laundry. We were searching for a “handicapped” parking area. You see, we’re both octogenarians and not as spry as we were a couple years ago. We were, inContinue reading “What’s on your Bucket List?”

The new racism: Where are leaders to fight it?

Today Black Lives Matter has fostered a world-wide movement for an end to racial injustice. The death of George Lloyd illuminated the fact of institutionalized racism in the U.S. The difference is that the movement is not going away. Journey back with me into the 90s, when the nation was accustomed to looking the otherContinue reading “The new racism: Where are leaders to fight it?”

Freedom: Elusive, illusive for Blacks

Above my husband, who is white, participating in a peaceful demonstration in our city Nearly two decades have passed since I ended my “career” as a Sunday Op Ed columnist for The (Stockton) Record, a Gannet-owned daily newspaper with a 60K circulation at the time. To illustrate the decline of daily newspapers, today’s Record circulationContinue reading “Freedom: Elusive, illusive for Blacks”