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Shari Rodgers, a resident of Northeast Oregon, shared a poem written in honor of her late son. Those of us who have suffered the loss of a child, or the loss of a loved one, will find comfort in her heartfelt words.

Shari Rodgers Poem

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As a child I spent the first decade of my life with my paternal grandparents. One Sunday morning as we listened to a Christian radio station, we heard one of Grandpa’s poems being read. It ended with the words “author unknown.” Grandpa was astonished and rather insulted. Here is that poem written by Grandpa, a founding bishop of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World:

My Daily Prayer

Lord may I Iive to help the man,
That tries to keep me down
May I greet him with a smile
Who greets me with a frown,
And may I be too big to see
The things that others do to me
And may I never hold a grudge
Nor hunt up scattered strife
May I never seek to judge
The faults of another’s life,
And always be too big to see
The things that others do to me

Lord, may I ever use good sense
And always take this stand
To me, nothing is offense
As there’s no perfect man,
And may I never live to see
The things that others do to me.

By Pastor Alexander Robinson Schooler

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